Change is the only constant

Use you voice

Find your voice by using it.

If you have something important to say to make a difference, I want to help you use your voice to make that change. I intend voice to be taken literally and figuratively – my passion is audio creation that connects. Currently, that is expressed through podcasting.

In the world of podcasting, things move quickly and I am starting to feel like an old-hand (it is still a pretty young discipline). Four and a half years in with over 230 episodes of my own podcast Alpaca Tribe, I have also spent most of those years as Head Coach for The Podcasting Workshop – founded by Seth Godin and Alexandra DiPalma and originally part of Akimbo. Due to other commitments and things moving on, they are no longer directly involved, but hopefully through Audio Change Makers their original heart and intention continue.

To succeed at podcasting, you must know how to start, keep going, and stay fresh. Easy in theory but challenging to deliver. The Audio Change Makers community provides the focus and the structure.


What if you did not have to do it on your own? What if fellow travellers could help you stay on track? What if we could all be part of something bigger – and better?

People who have already been a student in one of the workshops I have coached are eligible to apply to join the community. Current Workshop students automatically receive three months of community access to provide them with the best foundation as audio change makers.

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